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Monthly Networking Events are held the second Wednesday of every month. Join the community!

All events cancelled until further notice. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this uncertain time. Call your sisters, check in & be well.
With love, the PollinateHERS team.

On behalf of the pollinateHERS Board of Directors, we would like to recognize the tremendous and painful impact racism has had on our community and the country. 

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and we are committed to reaching out to women of color and supporting them, their families, and ensuring they know they are welcome into our sisterhood.


Our Mission

“Pollination is the transfer of pollen grains from one flower to another.”

PollinateHERS is just that – women transferring life experience, sharing their expertise, wisdom and business sense. And most of all, making connections with other women.

Our mission is to inspire and help the next generation of budding female entrepreneurs in the Portland community by pollination within our collective knowledge and wisdom. Through mentorship, scholarship opportunities to coworkHERS, brainstorming, and pitch contests that will allow them to access a network of volunteers that will help them launch their new business idea.

The members of pollinateHERS will be able to offer help in all realms of expertise. Members don’t need to be entrepreneurs, self-employed, or even work actually.

PollinateHERS is an all accepting and welcoming group. Everyone has something they contribute to the group. This is a non-judgemental and safe space to openly talk, share, collaborate, learn and of course make friends.

Two women conversing at a PollinaterHERS gathering
Two women talking at a PollinateHERS gathering, one standing, one seated

Our Events

Each month we will be seeking a sponsor to contribute funds for food & drinks. They can also provide a door prize, or gift bags for everyone. In exchange for sponsoring the event they will have time to speak at the monthly meet-up. They will also receive exposure on the pollinateHERS website, any promotional materials, all social media channel posts and links will drive visitors to them.

In addition, we will have a door prize(s) each month for attendees. And we will feature quarterly non-profit organizations that we would like to highlight and bring awareness to, and support.

Find a deep connection, growth and support with a wonderful community of like-minded women.

If you have a bunch of women in the room with nothing in common, it’s hard to find support. However, know that we all have something in common…let’s meet and find out what that is.

Purchase a ticket for our next event on Wednesday, April 8th!

For a listing of all upcoming events visit our Event Calendar!
Purchase a ticket for our next event on Wednesday, April 8th!

Our Membership

as a pollinateHERS member, you’ll receive:
• Access to our discussion forum with the opportunity to create your own profile
• Attend all events for FREE (a $50 savings)
• 20% off meeting room bookings at coworkHERS space
•15% off discount to pollinateHERS members from April Elaine Powell’s Soul Brand Design Group offering 
• 10% discount on flowers, arrangements and additional services from “I Am Grounded” Floral Design, owned by Courtney (CJ) Cunningham 

Our Hosts

Jen Dean of Jen Dean Photography, Ingenious Alchemy and The Gardenia Project

Jen Dean

Owner of Jen Dean Photography and Ingenious Alchemy

A visibility specialist, Jen has found personal and professional success owning and operating Jen Dean Photography, home of The Gardenia Project, a storytelling podcast by and for women, and Ingenious Alchemy, a container that holds deep-dive visibility coursework shaped by her photography career. A collaborator at heart, Jen helped found pollinateHers, to help ensure that no idea ever fails because it wasn’t availed the time, attention, and support it deserves.

Jen is enormously grateful that Portland called her and claimed her “Home”. You can find her walking barefoot on the Eastern Promenade, sharing a massive slice of cake with her 12-year-old daughter, Charlie, or laughing – loudly! – at whatever bit of wonder delighted her that day.

Libby Bunten-Farrell


Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Libby Bunten is using the freedom of owning a global online business with Arbonne to strengthen the lives of women in the Portland community and beyond. Raised in a quintessential Maine coastal town, Libby always did “whatever it took” to make a living. Before a career in social marketing, she did everything from manual labor jobs to freelance writing. A brief stint in a toxic corporate work environment propelled Libby to pursue an MS in Clinical Psychology which ultimately led to her work in feminist leadership development with like-minded independent women.

She has also co-founded a non-profit serving a community clinic in her hometown and served on the board of the Friends of the Portland Community Free Clinic. She lends her expertise as a co-founder of PollinateHers because she believes that service and personal development go hand in hand.

Libby is married to a fellow entrepreneur, Paul, and is most delighted when immersed in travel, exploring new foods, and connecting with other women.

Heather Ashby of CoworkHERS, LLC


Queen Bee and Founder of coworkHERS

​Heather Ashby is the proud founder of coworkHERS—a place for women to connect, work, build or grow a business and find resources, support and a sense of belonging. Not all women need a co-working space, but she believes all women need support and sisterhood to be able to thrive in all areas of their lives.

Heather saw the formation of pollinateHERS as an extension of coworkHERS and as a way to provide all women (not just her members) a space to make connections. She is also wanted to provide a safe place where women with an idea for a business could find support, build their confidence, and have a shot at some seed money to get their idea off the ground.

When not at coworkHERS you will probably find her browsing thrift stores for treasures…while dreaming about her plans for expanding coworkHERS, or taking her kids on an adventure.

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